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Need affordable locksmiths who specialize in antique lock repair? 

Everyone is fascinated with antique and vintage items. People proudly exhibit antique items such as furniture, clocks, chests, and cabinets in their homes. There are people who are also fond of having an awesome collection of all kinds of vintage locks and keys and completely functional vintage safes. 

Contact Locks & Keys today for the best antique lock and key specialists in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

We have a special team of residential locksmiths, who have years and years of experience working with antique, old, and hard to service locks.

If the lock or key is damaged and non-functional, people normally get it restored and made to be functional; however, they make sure that it carries their original vintage appearance. 

Call us to service your antique locks & keys!

Just give us a call at 781-933-9999. We will respond swiftly and resolve your problem within no time.

You can also email us at to find more information on antique locks and key services.

We are here for you!

“Don’t struggle with the lock, call the experts”