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Get the Expert Services for Commercial Push Bars

Push bars are designed to be an easy solution for commercial doors and crash bar exits. 

We offer 24-hour emergency services for businesses and other commercial matters in Massachusetts and parts of Southern New Hampshire. Our expert locksmiths can solve your  problems for you quickly and help you get back to work as fast as possible. No matter what type of industrial door closer you have, the type of commercial building, or office space you reside in, we have experienced locksmiths who will solve your problems.

Quality assurance is what we deliver

Panic hardware, also known as an exit devices, panic bars, crash bars, touch bars or push bars, are designed to provide building occupants fast and easy egress in the event of an emergency. These types of exit devices are required by building code and local fire departments for many public and commercial buildings. 

Cost-effective services

Depending on the type of hardware used, we provide highly cost-effective services. With us, you only pay the most necessary amount for the services provided. This has made us one of the most popular professional commercial locksmith’s in Massachusetts.

Get it done with effectively

Call us now at 781-933-9999 to speak with a professional about the services you seek. You may also email us at for more information!

We are here for you!

“Don’t struggle with the door, call the experts”